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DevOps is the fastest growing field of IT that is rapidly bridging the gap between Software Development & Operations. DevOps is basically a software engineering practice that aims at bringing together the development side and the operations side of application development. By incorporating DevOps practices, organizations have managed to get rid of typical issues resulting in differences between development and operations environments, resulting in delivery of products and services with maximum speed, functionality and innovation.
DevOps has taken centre stage in the software development field and has become an essential element for software-powered organizations. The DevOps Practitioner Course of Mindscripts trains IT industry individuals on concepts of continuous development and version control, containerization, configuration management, continuous integration and continuous monitoring using modern DevOps tools like Git, Puppet, Chef, Docker, Jenkins and Nagios.
MindScripts being amongst the Top IT Training Centres in Pune, offers a unique platform to students wherein they can not only learn new technologies and share knowledge on various subjects with other students and experienced professionals but can also enhance their skill sets through Real-Time Learning Experience.

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DevOps Training course syllabus

About MindScripts

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MindScripts is a pioneer in training in DevOps. MindScripts prides itself for its High class training, top quality infrastructure and excellent support system.

DevOps Practitioner Course Career Prospective:

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Students get to learn DevOps from qualified corporate trainers. DevOps is a rapidly growing field of IT into which more and more companies are shifting. With this course, students gain expertise on the usage of various DevOps tools.

Course material for the DevOps Training course

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Students are issued High quality course material for DevOps Practitioner Course. The course material kit includes everything that a student will need during their DevOps Practitioner course.


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MindScripts has top class infrastructure with complete air-conditioned interiors and individual PC's for every student. The students get complete hands-on practice as part of their course and are free to use the air-conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled labs during their free time.

About the course

MindScripts is a pioneer in DevOps course amongst all IT trainings institutes of Pune. The DevOps Practitioner Course of MindScripts aims at equipping students with the knowledge and hand-on skills of the various aspects of DevOps including continuous development and version control, containerization, configuration management, continuous integration and continuous monitoring. This course imparts hands-on knowledge to students on various DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins and Nagios and teaches them how to automate multiple SDLC steps. Here at MindScripts, our students are trained under the guidance of extremely competent DevOps experts from the Industry.