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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a great innovation in the digital landscape that has changed the way IT solutions are delivered. In India Cloud Computing has arrived in a big way where not just the larger companies but many small and medium sized businesses have started using Cloud extensively. Cloud Computing platforms are being used across the world to leverage its benefits of scalability and security.

Salesforce and AWS are two such Cloud Computing technologies which are leaders in the cloud services market. Salesforce provides SaaS(software as a service) and is a cloud based CRM service. And Amazon Web Services(AWS) provides a complete set of both infrastructure as well as application services that enable users to run everything in the cloud. As the Cloud market continues to expand in India, so are the number of job prospects.

Mindscripts is a leading cloud computing training institute in Pune. The Salesforce course and the AWS course of Mindscripts gives students expertise in both technologies so that they can confidently work in real time projects using these cloud technologies. These courses also prepare the students for cloud computing certificaton exams.

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Salesforce Course Syllabus AWS Solutions Architect Course Syllabus

About MindScripts

mindscripts for cloud-computing training

MindScripts is a pioneer in training in Cloud Computing and has trained several candidates who are now placed in good companies across Pune and Mumbai.

Cloud Computing Career Prospective

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Students get to learn Cloud Computing from qualified corporate faculties. They get id/password for their own Cloud Computing space such that they can use it for testing their own application on the Cloud.

Course material

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Students are issued High quality course material for Cloud Computing Course. They get teachers notes on Cloud Computing to help them through the course. The course material kit includes everything that a student will need during their Cloud Computing course.

Infrastructure at MindScripts

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MindScripts has top class infrastructure with complete air-conditioned interiors and individual PC's for every student. The students get complete hands-on practice as part of their course and are free to use the air-conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled labs during their free time.

About the Course

The Cloud Computing course covers Amazon Web Services(AWS) as well as Salesforce. The course includes complete hands-on plus a project that the students can themselves deploy on the Cloud and get a feel of the real thing. It is a well structured and guided course to hand-hold the candidates till the end of the course. Compared to most other Cloud Computing Courses in Pune offered by various institutes, at MindScripts the hands-on practice is done along with the teaching. So the student gets to practice as soon as the topic is taught and not wait for the lab session to practice. They practice by directly deploying their apps on the Cloud and not any simulated environment. Students, as part of the course, are also guided with the DO's and DONT's of an interview and how to crack an interview. Placements are an inherent part of the course and the students are given interview calls for Top MNC's in Pune and Mumbai after their course completion. They are guided with Job openings, company location, technical revisions sessions, mock interviews etc so that they are ready to face the interview with full confidence.

Cloud Computing Class